A Smart Robust PIN Pad

Connected to Any POS Machines

The WizarPOS smart PIN pad, other than the traditional one, brings indispensable benefits to merchants, banks, restaurants, or retailers.

What makes the WizarPOS smart PIN pad unique?

Full-screen tap-to-pay and checkouts elevate pleasant point-of-sale user experience

The compact countertop footprint saves space and operation hassle

USB and Ethernet connections warrant uninterrupted communications

Remote key injection makes troubleshooting, upgrade, and maintenance smooth and efficient

Barcode scanning provides safe, fast, and accurate data capture or payment acceptance

Extensive Cnnections from USB Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to Ethernet


4G Capable


4” HD Touch Screen

  • A full touch panel for e-signatures
  • Intuitive tap-on-glass feature reducing the countertop footprint

5 MP Front Camera Supporting 1D and 2D Barcode Scanning

5 MP

1D & 2D

Easy Installation on A Stand Base and Connectivity to An ECR or Other WizarPOS Terminals

An Omni-payment Solution

Android Platform

  • Cloud-based nature enabling 24/7 connection and data sync
  • Quick application development turnaround

Merchant applications

Vending machines/kiosks

Unattended ticketing

Self-service kiosks